May's Flowers July 28th, 2005 

Haleyville Fire/Rescue responded to what turned out to be it's largest fire ever at May's Wholesale Flowers on Thursday July 28th around 9:30 a.m. May's Flowers is the largest artificial flower distributer in the United States. Upon arrival firefighters found a 100,000+ Sq. Foot building well involved. It took firefighters over 10 hours to bring the fire under control with over 3500 gpm of water being used at the height of the fire. Firefighters remained on scene for over 48 hours containing hot spots with just under 1.6 million gallons of water used. Ladder 1 operated non-stop for 41 hours and consumed almost 300 gallons of fuel which required a fuel tender to refill the truck 5 times. Several firefighters were treated on scene for heat exhaustion with 6 being transport by Ambulance to Lakeland Community Hospital where they were treated and released. Responding agencies included Haleyville Fire/Rescue, Haleyville Rescue Squad, Haleyville Police Department, Haleyville Street Department, Alabama State Fire Marshal's office, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Regional Paramedical Services, Northstar Paramedic Services, Winston and Marion Emergency Management, Staff from Lakeland Community Hospital for Firefighter Rehab and mutual aid from the following departments: Ashridge, Arley, Bear Creek, Blue Springs, Brilliant, Delmar, Double Springs, East Franklin, Hackleburg, Hamilton, Hodges, Hoover, Jasper, Lynn, Nauvoo, Pea Ridge, Pebble, Phil Campbell, Russellville, Shottsville, Sunny Home, Twin and Winfield.

Haleyville Fire/Rescue would like to thank everyone who brought ice, food and drinks to the fire scene. Without your support and generosity we would have had many more heat related injuries.


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Photos compliments of HBTV and The Northwest Alabamian

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